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A familiar term in the field of advanced technology is cryogenics. It refers to the freezing of tissue for the purpose of healing and preservation. We are now able to apply this technique to heal chronic neuroma and heel pain in the foot. The technology targets the painful area and freezes the tissue while preserving the surrounding structures. This is a proven treatment for long term pain relief. Patients may resume their normal activities, as tolerated, and return to conventional shoe gear the very next day.

Why is it painless?
During the “freezing” process, the local nerves are anesthetized by the cold.

Why is there no bleeding following CT?
CT does not involve cutting into the deeper tissues of the foot, so there are no blood vessels severed. The freezing causes the very tiny capillaries to be sealed, which eliminates bleeding. With no cutting and bleeding, there is minimal to no swelling afterwards.

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